Just Like Me/Lines

“It’s ok

It’s ok

It’s ok”

The straight lines across her tan stomach betrayed her.

“Oh my god

Oh my god

Oh my GOD”

Eyesight blurred, heart thumped a lullaby, trying to soothe my spiraling mind like a cat’s purr. No luck.


It had been that way. For a long time. For all time, maybe. And what had I done to help?

I was the rabble-rouser. I broke rules, got in trouble. She saved face.

I sat in the crispy August grass, head in hands. No longer cool, collected.

Losing my shit on a beach towel.

The sight blinded me more than the midday sun. But when my eyes adjusted, I saw the truth:

A human, with painful emotions and racing thoughts.

A human, just like me.


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