The Worst “Yoga” Class Ever

People come to yoga for many reasons.

Some, to rehabilitate their bodies from injury.

Others, to get some exercise.

And for me, yoga is my quiet time to tune in to myself and get centered.

That’s why this morning’s yoga class was hurtful in so many ways.

When my friend and I heard there was to be a donation-based class benefiting the Battered Women’s Shelter, we couldn’t wait to go. We got up early Saturday and drove to the location.

“You’re going to sweat today,” the instructor said.

As soon as we started doing the “running man” workout, I realized we wouldn’t be doing any yoga today.

She put us through a rigorous one-hour boot camp, which wasn’t a problem, except that throughout the class, she would yell at anyone for modifying an exercise or for going into child’s pose.

“DON’T DROP TO YOUR KNEES. KEEP YOUR HIPS DOWN.” She walked through the rows of victims yanking up their hips, and I hoped for her sake she did not touch any part of my body.

Then it happened. We were doing an ab workout and she said, “Look down. Do you like what you see? Is there a meatloaf down there? So hold the pose.”

My jaw dropped in disbelief that a supposed practitioner of yoga would use such harmful body-shaming to try and “motivate” a class of people who came to support battered women.

When the class ended, we gave our donations and went straight to Wally Waffles.

We did not regret a single bite.


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