2014: My Happy Year

I’ve been looking back at pictures and realized this year has been truly awesome.

Here’s why:

1. Lex1

We got a new family member: Lex!


I think it was a highlight of Louis’s year too.



We got to see Arcade Fire close-up on their Reflektor Tour. Much confetti and much dance.

3. DC3

We went to D.C. with Jordan and Nathan on an unseasonably warm weekend in March. Saw so many cool landmarks and museums, and stumbled upon D.C.’s version of the Zephyr (The Big Hunt).

4. Tinariwen4

I bought tickets on a whim to see a band I had never heard of on my birthday. Tinariwen put on an incredible show full of drumming, beautiful garments and dancing. The group was part of a nomadic tribe who made makeshift instruments out of anything they could find in the desert. They’ve since won a Grammy and continue to make music about the desert and freedom.

5. Pittsburgh+Zoo5

We took a trip to Pittsburgh to see the David Mayfield Parade, and made some other fun stops along the way. We got to the Pittsburgh Zoo right when it opened, so all the animals were out frolicking and showing us their smiles.

6. Graduation6

I got to celebrate some of my dear friends graduating from college at the Kent State Hotel.

7. Nickinhiselement7

I witnessed Nick in his element at Kids Country and also hung out with some really awesome kids.

8. WineandFriends8.1

I drank some wine with great friends…


And some more wine.

9. Rent9

We saw a high school production of my favorite musical “Rent.” Those kids blew me away with their talent. I’ve seen the production with original cast members, and this adaptation was almost as good.



My cousin Colin came to town for July 4 with his new girlfriend. And now they’re engaged!

11. Bunbury11

We went to Bunbury music festival and saw some incredible acts. My favorite was Kishi Bashi, whose loop-pedal violin mastery brought me to tears.


And got to share the jam with these two awesome people.

12. JT12

Went with my family to see one of our favorite musicians, James Taylor, at Blossom. He brought the fire…and then the rain came.



We went to Maine with Nick’s family and climbed mountains, saw whales and ate delicious seafood.

14. Cbus14

We went to Columbus to visit our friend Amanda and support FemmeFest – a music festival where all proceeds went to victims of sexual assault. Saintseneca headlined the show and played all our favorites.

Bring on 2015!






The Worst “Yoga” Class Ever

People come to yoga for many reasons.

Some, to rehabilitate their bodies from injury.

Others, to get some exercise.

And for me, yoga is my quiet time to tune in to myself and get centered.

That’s why this morning’s yoga class was hurtful in so many ways.

When my friend and I heard there was to be a donation-based class benefiting the Battered Women’s Shelter, we couldn’t wait to go. We got up early Saturday and drove to the location.

“You’re going to sweat today,” the instructor said.

As soon as we started doing the “running man” workout, I realized we wouldn’t be doing any yoga today.

She put us through a rigorous one-hour boot camp, which wasn’t a problem, except that throughout the class, she would yell at anyone for modifying an exercise or for going into child’s pose.

“DON’T DROP TO YOUR KNEES. KEEP YOUR HIPS DOWN.” She walked through the rows of victims yanking up their hips, and I hoped for her sake she did not touch any part of my body.

Then it happened. We were doing an ab workout and she said, “Look down. Do you like what you see? Is there a meatloaf down there? So hold the pose.”

My jaw dropped in disbelief that a supposed practitioner of yoga would use such harmful body-shaming to try and “motivate” a class of people who came to support battered women.

When the class ended, we gave our donations and went straight to Wally Waffles.

We did not regret a single bite.