FOMO and I

Every day, I scroll through my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. This brainless act seems harmless. But I realize it does real damage when I start comparing my day to other peoples’. 

When I wake up in the morning, I get excited to go on a hike, do yoga, play with my rabbits or take a trip to Cleveland with Nick. But after I see my followers hang gliding into the Grand Canyon, swimming with manatees and eating breakfast on the beach, I feel a whole lot less excited about whatever I’ve got going on.

Before I know it, my mind is spinning into a swirl of “what if’s” and “you’re missing out’s.”

This fear of missing out often causes me to lose sight of the awesome things around me. For all I know, people could be looking at my feed and feeling the same FOMO. 

Social media makes it hard to live in my own moment. Instead, it makes me live in other people’s moments. I’m restricting myself from my daily dose of social media until I can sustain gratitude and appreciation of my own life – whether that’s sitting at a desk or riding a giraffe.


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