Whoa, I’m a person!

Have you ever been alone in a public bathroom debating popping a not-ready-to-pop zit when you catch your own gaze in the scuffed mirror and realize you’re a person?

If this has happened to you, you probably made a funny face back at yourself and then cranked the paper towel dispenser and got the hell out of Dodge. But your brain probably continued taunting you when you left by screaming in your own ear, “YOU’RE A PERSON, HA!” until you could insert yourself into a group of people and become one of the pack again.

After a few spiritual and self awakenings in the form of a healing touch session and hot yoga, I’ve been actively trying to resist the urge to deny my personhood.

Because remembering you’re a human being with a bunch of little parts pumping inside of you to make you move your skeletal parts is pretty damn cool.

When I’m in chair pose at yoga practice and the sweat pouring from my forehead is pooling in my eyes, I take the time to remind myself, hey, this little red thing inside you is beating and those muscles in your thighs are squeezing just so you can assume this position. The coolness sometimes overpowers the whininess. Sometimes.

Remembering I’m a person has also helped me remember other people are persons too. They have fears and anxieties that drive them to act in ways that might be confusing through a lens with less compassion. They have unrequited text messages and unmet deadlines and unfinished puzzles too.

Realizing I’m a person has made me start to budge from my stubborn idea that my path is the best one. Truth is, there are millions of paths that can lead to a positive end result. Some take a trip through the woods, some through the desert and others through a state college. But none are better than others. And no one person is better than another.

So next time you’re alone with yourself in front of the mirror, just give yourself a wink and say, “Hey, self. You’re pretty rad.”

Getting down with the Self

Getting down with the Self