Take a hint from The Temptations

As The Temptations crooned about “treating her like a lady” while swaying their hips at The Kent Stage, I couldn’t help but think, “Where have men like this gone?”

Though the goal back then, swooning a lady, was the same as it is now, it seems the old-fashioned guys put much more energy into courtship.

Back then, I doubt there was such a relationship status as “friends with benefits.” I doubt men impressed each other by screaming catcalls at women they didn’t even know. Instead, they talked of the way their ladies swept them off their feet, or how far they were willing to go to keep their women by their sides.

These guys aren’t even ashamed to say they cry sometimes because of girls like in “I wish it would rain.”

All I know is those Temptations are smooth yet sensitive. They are cool and collected. And if more men took their example, more women would feel like queens.



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